BTS's V is set to unveil his debut solo album 'Layover', brimming with fresh allure.

At 1 PM KST on September 8 (KST), V will globally release his solo album 'Layover'. While V has previously showcased his musical prowess through solo tracks in BTS albums, free music releases, and drama OSTs, this is his first solo album under his own name.

The album title 'Layover' translates to 'making a brief stop', symbolizing a moment to pause, reflect on the journey so far, and reaffirm the final destination. Through this debut solo album, V aims to reveal a new side of himself.

In a statement via Big Hit Music, V shared, "As the last member to embark on solo activities after the others' successful ventures, I feel a great deal of pressure. However, I'm eager to gradually show everything I've prepared." He further described 'Layover' as an album that encapsulates the charm of Kim Taehyung (his real name), highlighting its uniqueness, surprise, and relaxation.

Simple Yet Refreshing

'Layover' is an album based on the pop R&B genre, blending V's unique style and sentiment. It includes the title track 'Slow Dancing', pre-released tracks 'Rainy Days' and 'Love Me Again', as well as 'Blue', 'For Us', and a bonus track 'Slow Dancing' (Piano Ver.), totaling six songs. The album reflects V's personal tastes and preferences.

Notably, 'Layover' was overseen by ADOR's representative and chief producer Min Heejin, who directed the music, choreography, design, and promotion of the album. Min Heejin focused on the simplicity behind the flamboyance, seamlessly integrating V's natural charm into the music. The result is an album that truly centers on V's unique voice and intrinsic color.

Various pre-released content also offered fans a glimpse of the 'real V'.

Rich Content Continues, V's 'Layover' to Shine on Various Stages

V has produced a total of five music videos for the album. Ahead of the album release, music videos for 'Rainy Days' and 'Love Me Again' were unveiled. The 'Love Me Again' video, shot in a cave, exudes a mysterious ambiance, highlighting V's deep gaze and dreamy voice. 'Rainy Days' captures V's candid moments during an ordinary day.

The black-and-white teaser for the 'Blue' music video hinted at a more serious side of V, piquing fans' curiosity. The teaser for the title track 'Slow Dancing', shot on a beach in Spain, was released at midnight on the 8th, showcasing V's relaxed and free-spirited vibe against the backdrop of an emerald sea. The full music video is set to be released on the HYBE LABELS YouTube channel at 1 PM KST today.

In addition to this, V has released a whopping 102 concept photos and a variety of YouTube content, further amplifying the anticipation for 'Layover'.

Post-album release, V plans to engage with more fans through diverse activities. He will appear on domestic and international music shows, delivering unique performances of 'Slow Dancing', and will also showcase his delightful charm on various entertainment programs.