BTS's V has clinched the top spot for the third consecutive week.

On the afternoon of September 7 (KST), Mnet's 'M Countdown' featured performances from artists such as Kim Sejeong, Rocket Punch, Banner, Rise, Boy Next Door, Circus, TrendZ, Haiki, and Hwasa.

#TrendZ Debuts 'MY WAY' on Music Shows

Group TrendZ unveiled their comeback title track 'MY WAY' for the first time on a music show. Gracing the 'M Countdown' stage, TrendZ filled the dynamic progression of 'MY WAY' with explosive vocals and energy.

The seven members showcased their youthful vigor on stage, delivering a powerful multi-member performance. Notably, TrendZ incorporated choreography symbolizing outspread wings, creating an atmosphere of hope. Their jumping performance synchronized with the lyrics "Still on my way" captured attention, showcasing TrendZ's capabilities.

Members of TrendZ not only demonstrated stable vocal skills in high notes but also impressed with their powerful diction and flow in rapping, enhancing the listening experience.

#Hwasa Returns with 'I Love My Body'

Singer Hwasa radiated her unique charm. She presented her comeback stage for the new digital single 'I Love My Body'.

On this day, Hwasa captivated everyone with a performance that harmoniously blended loveliness and confidence. Dressed in a striking pink outfit paired with killer heels, Hwasa drew admiration with her impeccable vocals and performance.

#Riize Captures Attention with Diverse Performances

SM's rookie group Riize showcased a spectrum of charms. Before their debut stage, member Wonbin explained that their title track embodies their journey of becoming a team through music and their aspirations to pursue shining dreams.

Following this, they exuded fresh charm and sharp choreography through 'Siren' and 'Memorize', and premiered their stage for 'Get A Guitar'.

#V Secures 3rd Consecutive Win

On this day, V's 'Love Me Again' and NCT U's 'Baggy Jeans' were the top contenders for the first place. Despite not appearing on the broadcast, V secured the top spot for the third consecutive week since July 31st.

'Love Me Again', included in V's first solo album 'Layover', is set to be released on September 8th. The album, a collaboration between V and Adore's representative and chief producer Min Hee-jin, is currently generating significant buzz.