Jang Won-young, Kang Daniel, and Sung Han-bin are set to team up as hosts.

The '2023 Asia Artist Awards IN PHILIPPINES' (hereafter '2023 AAA'), co-organized by Star News, the Asia Artist Awards Organizing Committee, TONZ Entertainment, and PULP Live World, is confirmed to be held on December 14th at the 'Philippine Arena', promising a grand celebration like never before.

Jang Won-young, Kang Daniel, and Sung Han-bin have been selected as the MCs for the '2023 AAA', ready to interact with global K-pop fans. Jang Won-young, who will be hosting the 'AAA' for the third consecutive year, is expected to lead the atmosphere with her smooth presentation and vibrant charm. Last year, IVE, the group Jang Won-young is a member of, won 'Hot Trend', 'Rookie of the Year', and 'Song of the Year (Daesang)' at the '2022 AAA'. IVE's overall producer, Su Hyun-ju, also received the 'Best Producer Award', securing four awards for the group. The unique combination of Kang Daniel, known for his strong masculine charm, and Sung Han-bin from group ZEROBASEONE, known for his youthful looks, is already raising fans' expectations.

Since its inaugural event in 2016, the 'Asia Artist Awards' has been the first integrated award ceremony in South Korea that honors both actors and singers. It has captivated fans by featuring global stars, surpassing domestic boundaries. Especially, the 'AAA', which has established itself as the No.1 global award ceremony, continues to receive explosive responses with each event.

Meanwhile, leading 4th generation girl groups and 5th generation rookie boy groups, including NewJeans, Le Sera Phim, BOYNEXTDOOR, NMIXX, and ZEROBASEONE, have confirmed their attendance and are listed as the first batch of attendees. More global singers and actors are expected to be announced sequentially, further heightening anticipation. (Photos provided by Jang Won-young (Asia Artist Awards Organizing Committee), Kang Daniel (Connect Entertainment), Sung Han-bin (Wake One)).