Singer Lee Hyori had a heart-to-heart with Shin Dong-yup, continuing to captivate with her candid charm.

On September 4, Shin Dong-yup's YouTube channel 'Jjjan Hyung' released a video titled 'First Jjjan Hyori, Why Did You Dislike Me Back Then?'. Lee Hyori appeared as the first guest on 'Jjjan Hyung', sharing stories over drinks with Shin Dong-yup.

Lee Hyori humorously mentioned that Shin Dong-yup always carries alcohol in his car, likening it to a "mini duty-free shop." Shin Dong-yup responded, "There was a time when you quit drinking. You talked a lot about how good it was to quit."

To this, Lee Hyori admitted, "That was just a phase. People should be careful with their words. I'm realizing that now. I'm even doing commercials again. Opinions keep changing, but for celebrities, once you say something, it becomes set in stone," expressing her challenges.

Shin Dong-yup pointed out, "You once said you wouldn't do commercials. Didn't you have a philosophy back then?" Lee Hyori acknowledged, "I always had my own philosophy. I've realized that thoughts change. Didn't I join Antenna (the agency)? I wanted to use a dance team, hire expensive composers, and spend millions on music videos like before, but I felt sorry asking the company." She explained this as a reason for deciding to do commercials.

Lee Hyori expressed her surprise, "Thankfully, I've received so many CF (commercial film) offers recently. Enough to fill 3-4 pages of A4 paper."

Notably, Shin Dong-yup and Lee Hyori previously co-hosted KBS's 'Happy Together'. She mentioned, "Back then, you opposed my joining the show." Shin Dong-yup denied this, explaining, "Initially, the MC was Yoo Seung-jun, but after he left the show due to a scandal, I was surprised when Hyori joined. She was such a young idol." Lee Hyori laughed, clearing up misunderstandings from the past.

Lee Hyori also touched upon how her tastes have changed with age. "I used to think getting immersed in dramas wasn't cool," she said, "But now, I get excited and engrossed watching young actors in 'Paper Moon'."

She also showcased her unwavering affection for her husband, Lee Sang-soon. "If he hadn't met me, he wouldn't have heard such comments. I sometimes think it's just my opinion, but he wasn't bad-looking. He's tall, big, and handsome. Not a sculpted beauty, but he has charm," she expressed her love for her husband. She added, "He had many girlfriends. When I asked the older sisters around him, they said he was popular in clubs. I felt sorry for overshadowing him. He's not someone to be overshadowed by me. It hurt when people only talked about that."

During the meeting with her long-time friend Shin Dong-yup, Lee Hyori candidly discussed her evolving convictions, emotional changes with age, and other transformations. With her straightforward and genuine charm, Lee Hyori once again garners public support, acknowledging that personal philosophies can change over time.