In a recent article by the esteemed French newspaper, Le Parisien, the world-renowned K-pop group, BLACKPINK, faced unexpected criticism for their performance at the State De France. The publication's review of summer concerts held at the State De France and Paris La Défense Arena sparked a flurry of reactions from fans and critics alike.

Le Parisien's review was unambiguous in its stance. While acknowledging the packed venue during BLACKPINK's July Encore concert, the newspaper was quick to point out that a full house does not necessarily translate to a top-tier performance. The critique highlighted perceived flaws in the group's choreography, suggesting it was "too textbook" and that there were moments of miscommunication among the members on stage. The review further critiqued the group's interaction with fans, particularly noting an instance when Jennie abruptly left the stage, and the remaining members began acknowledging audience-held posters.

Despite the criticism, it's worth noting that BLACKPINK's concert at the State De France on July 15 attracted a staggering crowd of 55,000 attendees, underscoring the group's immense global popularity.

In a contrasting assessment, Le Parisien's list of best summer concerts was topped by The Weeknd, emphasizing the newspaper's varied evaluation of performances.

The K-pop community worldwide has been abuzz with reactions to Le Parisien's critique. Many fans, known as BLINKs, have come to BLACKPINK's defense. Comments ranged from suggestions that the journalist was seeking attention to assertions that while BLACKPINK might not be everyone's "cup of tea," many fans were elated with the performance. Some even pointed out the overwhelmingly negative feedback on the critique itself, with many readers expressing their disagreement with Le Parisien's assessment.

Amidst this debate, the K-pop industry is also keenly anticipating BLACKPINK's next move. With the expiration of their contract with YG Entertainment looming on August 8, there's widespread speculation about the group's future direction.

In the ever-evolving world of entertainment, critiques and reviews are par for the course. While Le Parisien's perspective on BLACKPINK's performance has certainly stirred the pot, it's evident that the group's global fanbase remains unwavering in their support. As BLACKPINK continues to navigate the highs and lows of the music industry, one thing is clear: their impact and influence are undeniable.