Amidst the dismissal of plagiarism allegations against singer and actress IU, she plans to continue pressing criminal charges against online trolls and malicious commenters.

On August 24th, the case accusing IU of copyright infringement was officially dismissed. A dismissal in legal terms means the case is terminated without a full trial due to insufficient grounds.

On the 4th, IU's law firm released an official statement detailing the case's background, issues, and their future response plans.

According to the law firm's account, IU learned of the accusations against her on May 10th through media reports. The reports claimed that she had infringed on the copyrights of six musical works, leading to a formal complaint filed at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul.

The law firm immediately assessed the nature and content of the complaint. Over four instances, they submitted statements strongly arguing that the complaint lacked legal grounds. Ultimately, the investigative agency decided on a dismissal on August 24th, citing that the complaint did not constitute a crime. The law firm officially received the investigation results on August 30th.

The firm emphasized that this complaint was a "malicious accusation aimed solely at tarnishing IU's image." They voiced strong condemnation against the collective and violent actions targeting the artist.

They elaborated, "The complainant accused the artist of plagiarizing six songs. However, this case merely stems from the complainant's lack of understanding of copyright law or, despite understanding, maliciously pursued the case just to torment the artist. We believe that the complainant's actions, which lacked even the most basic legal grounds and were solely intended to tarnish the artist's reputation and cause her mental distress, are nothing more than that."

Furthermore, the law firm highlighted the ongoing issue of blatant and malicious cyberbullying targeting IU for years. They stated, "Based on various tips and evidence we've gathered, certain groups have been mocking and tormenting the artist for years, creating and spreading various issues." They pointed out that these individuals even manipulated song codes to make them sound similar, and when composers responded that they didn't see any plagiarism, these individuals continued to push their fabricated controversies.

The law firm concluded, "We firmly believe that those who misuse the judicial system just to torment someone and waste valuable investigative resources should be held accountable." They announced that they are preparing and proceeding with additional criminal charges against numerous trolls who have been posting and distributing malicious rumors and content.

"We plan to file and proceed with civil lawsuits and criminal complaints related to this case soon. We will not tolerate any violent and illegal acts like 'cyberbullying' based on the information and evidence we have," they added.

IU has consistently maintained a zero-tolerance policy against malicious comments and the spread of false information. Her stance is expected to influence potential plagiarism controversies and related cases in the music industry.