"We're okay with losing sleep; we want to focus more on meeting our fans worldwide."

This year, the group iKON expressed this sentiment to their agency, indicating their preference to connect with fans through live performances rather than through TV shows or various online content.

Last month, on 23, iKON released their special single "PANORAMA." This special single was uniquely structured with dual title tracks: "PANORAMA" and "Talking to Myself (T.T.M)." The entire production was overseen by member Kim Donghyuk, with lyrics and composition contributions from BOBBY and Kim Donghyuk. The dramatic performances by all six members added a visual treat for the fans.

One of the double title tracks, "Talking to Myself," topped charts in six countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Argentina. The other track, "PANORAMA," also showcased iKON's global influence by securing the top spot in Argentina.

This year marks iKON's second album release, following their release in May, just three months prior. However, post-release, iKON has remained relatively out of the public eye, just as they did in May.

Yet, iKON is busier than ever since their debut. For the first time, they are embarking on a world tour, including stops in Europe and the U.S., with a packed schedule of diverse performances and festivals.

Their world tour, "2023 iKON WORLD TOUR TAKE OFF," officially kicked off in Seoul on May 5th and 6th. The tour continued non-stop, covering Taiwan, Tokyo, Germany, Italy, France, Osaka, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines in August. Starting in September, they will embark on their U.S. tour, covering cities like New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and LA. Performances are scheduled in Tokyo, Osaka in October, Indonesia in November, and Macao in December.

Amidst their jam-packed world tour, iKON is also participating in various events, including KCON, the ASS Jakarta event, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism event.

The reason for iKON's focus on live performances over TV appearances is attributed to their limited opportunities to meet global fans since their debut. Despite owning hit songs like "Rhythm Ta," "My Type," "Love Scenario," and "Killing Me," their performances were primarily centered around Japan and Asia. Moreover, they couldn't perform for two years since 2020, intensifying their desire to connect with fans through live stages.

An insider told News1, "While it's essential to release new songs and appear on various platforms and broadcasts to gain popularity, the members wanted to breathe and connect with the audience through live performances." They added, "Especially since this is their first tour in the U.S. and Europe since their debut, they cherish the opportunity to communicate with their global fandom and feel the new energy."