BTS's V recently reminisced about his challenging past relationships, resonating with a fan's personal struggles.

On the 31st, a video titled "What if your favorite celebrity hugged you and thanked you? #V | You Did Well Today 2023" was uploaded on the 'Dingo Story' YouTube channel.

In the video, BTS's V met with Kim Ha-young, a fan who dreams of becoming a female military officer.

Kim Ha-young shared, "Becoming a soldier is not only good for me but also for my family. We get housing benefits and other perks. Even if I can't always be there for them, I want to support them in this way."

To this, V responded, "Lately, I've been thinking, 'I was born a dutiful son.' But I believe your parents might feel the same. Perhaps they think you were born a dutiful daughter," evoking deep emotions.

Reacting to Kim Ha-young's comment that V seemed like a "character from her imagination," V humorously apologized for "breaking the fantasy."

After their meal, V and Kim Ha-young headed to an arcade, enjoyed some claw machine games, and took photos, sharing a delightful time. V told her, "You smiled a lot today. It made me feel good too."

Kim Ha-young opened up about the previous year, saying, "I gained strength from listening to V's songs. I had cut off contact with everyone. Shouldn't I be living a school life? School is a microcosm of society, and everything started with one relationship there, making everything hard. That's why I felt physically ill last year."

V empathized, "I felt the same. I had no friends in middle school. I can deeply relate because there were times I felt people disliked me. But it's not about being inadequate. As time goes by, you'll definitely find someone who resonates with you. I've found many people who share my sentiments. As I worked, I found a few people who truly understood me."

V concluded, "Thank you for liking me. I hope you always stay healthy, avoid hardships, and have good days."