BTS's leader, RM, has broken his silence on the recent religious offense controversy.

On August 31, RM spoke on a Weverse live broadcast, stating, "Many have accused me of being disrespectful towards religion, but that was not my intention. I never meant to insult any religion. I respect all beliefs and religions."

Previously, on the 16th, RM had shared the song 'Bad Religion' by American singer-songwriter Frank Ocean on his account. The lyrics of 'Bad Religion' contain references to homosexuality.

In particular, some lyrics mentioning Allah led a portion of Muslim listeners to perceive the song as a 'diss track', expressing their discomfort. This led to speculations that RM was showing disdain towards Muslims, and numerous social media posts demanded an apology from him.

Addressing this, RM firmly stated, "I had no such intention. There wasn't even 1% of me that wanted to offend any religion. It's just a song." He continued his explanation in English, especially for his international fans.

RM emphasized, "This isn't an apology. It's just me speaking. I have my own soul, and I'm 30 years old. I can express my genuine thoughts. I can't help how things turned out, but please believe what I say directly. Don't just speculate, assume, or claim."

He added, "I know my limits. Even if I speak the truth, I know I can't convince everyone. Some might look at me and think, 'RM is still lying,' or 'You had the intention to offend.' But I didn't. I can't lie. I'm being honest with all of you."

RM, who didn't want to address this issue, expressed, "I can't hold back anymore. I've kept this inside for almost 10 years, but I can't keep it in any longer. I have to speak now." He repeatedly emphasized, "Please believe me."