This fall, singers Seo Taiji and IU are targeting the niche market of theaters. Both are releasing movies of their respective solo concert performances titled 'Seo Taiji 25th Anniversary Live Time: Traveler' and 'IU Concert: The Golden Hour', strategically between the summer blockbuster season and the Chuseok holiday, another peak time for theaters.

Seo Taiji's movie 'Traveler', his first in eight years since the 2015 'Seo Taiji Band Concert Tour: Quiet Night', is set to premiere on September 6th. The film captures his 25th-anniversary concert held on September 2nd, 2017, at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

During the concert, BTS, who were then in their fourth year since debut, joined as special guests, performing alongside Seo Taiji for eight songs including 'Come Back Home', 'Classroom Idea', and 'Hayeoga'. The foresight of Seo Taiji, who recognized BTS's talent before they became a global sensation, is now gaining renewed attention.

The anticipation for this movie is particularly high since Seo Taiji did not hold any concerts or events for his 30th debut anniversary last year, leaving many fans disappointed. Upon the announcement of ticket sales, fans rushed to book their seats, especially for the special tickets given on a first-come-first-serve basis. The production company also plans to hold various events, including themed screenings where audiences can dress in 1990s retro fashion or in Seo Taiji-inspired outfits.

IU will release 'The Golden Hour' on the big screen on the 16th. Celebrating her 15th debut anniversary this year, this is IU's first concert film, which will also be shown in IMAX theaters. This marks the first time a domestic concert film will be screened in IMAX, a theater known for its massive screens and immersive sound, typically reserved for blockbusters. Through this, IU also hopes to make up for the box office disappointment of her starring role in the movie 'Dream', released in April.

The film captures IU's concert 'The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun', held over two days on September 17th and 18th of the previous year, making her the first solo female artist to have a solo concert at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

On the 28th and 30th, the movie will also be released in theaters across 38 countries, including the USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Australia, and Mexico, allowing global fans to experience the magic.