BTS's V is set to grace the stage of 'Inkigayo'.

According to a report by Sports Chosun, V will be performing his solo track "Slow Dancing" on the live broadcast of SBS's music program 'Inkigayo' on September 10th.

Rumors suggest that V, who is releasing his first solo album on September 8th, decided to appear on 'Inkigayo' as a gesture of gratitude for the ARMY (official fan club) who have patiently awaited his solo endeavors. The production team is also reportedly putting in meticulous efforts to ensure a spectacular stage with elaborate sets and lighting for V's grand solo debut.

This appearance on 'Inkigayo' will mark the first time V unveils "Slow Dancing" on a domestic music broadcast program. It's also the first time V will be taking the 'Inkigayo' stage solo, and global ARMYs are eagerly anticipating what the solo stage will entail.

Domestic ARMYs, in particular, have high expectations. With the opportunity to support him directly at the recording site, it's anticipated that V will successfully conclude his solo debut stage amidst the cheers and support of the fans.

V has a slew of broadcast appearances lined up in tandem with his solo debut. He's set to appear on popular variety shows like SBS's 'Running Man' and tvN's 'You Quiz on the Block', aiming for a closer connection with the general public. With his confirmed appearance on 'Inkigayo', V's solo debut activities are expected to be even more extensive.

V has already heated up the pre-debut atmosphere with the early release of his solo tracks. Songs like "Winter Bear", "Snow Flower", and "Scenery", which were released on the 28th, have topped the iTunes 'Top Songs' charts in over 20 countries and regions worldwide.

'Inkigayo', featuring V, will be broadcasted on September 10th at 3:40 PM KST.