September is set to shower the K-pop scene with golden soloists. As these artists, known for their group activities, prepare to release 'well-made albums' showcasing a different color, global fans' hearts are racing in anticipation.

The month is packed with exciting debuts and comebacks from solo artists. This includes BTS's final solo contender, V, JaeChan from DKZ who is debuting as the first soloist from the group, SHINee's Key, who has established himself as the 'entertainment industry's jack-of-all-trades', DAY6's Young K releasing his first album post-military service, and Lee Chaeyeon, aiming for another rise after 'Knock'. All these artists are gearing up to meet fans with their new albums.

The 'hot solo' most anticipated this September is BTS's Jungkook. He is set to release his first solo album 'Layover' on September 8th. This album, being the last solo from a BTS member and V's first-ever solo release, is gathering immense expectations.

Significantly, for his solo album, V has teamed up with Min Heejin, the executive producer and representative of Adore, who played a pivotal role in NewJins' success. Trusting in Min Heejin's sensibilities, who directed f(x)'s 'Pink Tape', V chose her to bring out his conceptual color. Their collaboration already shone with the pre-release tracks 'Rainy Days' and 'Love Me Again'. V, who has showcased a diverse musical spectrum from intense dance and hip-hop to R&B, jazz, and classical since his BTS days, flaunted a different side of solo V. These tracks skyrocketed to the top of various international charts, including iTunes and Oricon, proving the global fans' fervor for V's music.

Young K is set to release his first full-length solo album 'Letters with Notes' on September 4th. The album is packed with 11 songs that Young K wants to share, including the title track 'Nothing But This' and other tracks like 'Only Today, Only You, This Day', 'Let It Be Summer', 'Dreamed', 'Bungee Jumping', 'Natural', 'Strange', 'Soul', 'Playground', 'Fool', and 'What Is'.

Recognized as a 'sentimental craftsman' leading the music industry, Young K's song 'Rose Between Buildings', which he wrote before enlisting and was released during his military service by Haiki, created a reverse charting legend. The song, which offers hope to listeners, is believed to have been significantly influenced by Young K's touch. After completing his rigorous military service, Young K is set to showcase a more mature sentiment this fall. With an album packed with 11 songs, expectations are high for the emotions Young K will deliver.

Key continues the SHINee syndrome with his solo activities. Following the successful promotion of SHINee's 8th regular album 'Hard', Key is set to release his solo album 'Good and Great' on September 11th.

If SHINee solidified their position as a unique music icon with 'Hard', Key aims to further establish his solo color with 'Good and Great'. From refreshing to intense charisma, Key, worthy of the title 'artist', has succeeded in various challenges. Fans are eager to see what 'Good and Great' music and performances Key will showcase in his new album.

DKZ's JaeChan is also gearing up for his solo debut in September. DKZ, known for their quirky concepts like 'Bad Calf's Horns' and 'The Tiger is Chasing', has a unique presence in the K-pop scene. Following the unit NineTwoSix formed by Jonghyung and Mingyu, JaeChan, who is taking the baton for individual activities, is reportedly preparing an album that inherits the team's vibrant color while incorporating his own.

Notably, after starring in the BL drama 'Semantic Error', which was a massive success, JaeChan has risen as the next-generation star in the entertainment industry. It's a matter of interest whether JaeChan, who has solidified his position through acting, can achieve back-to-back hits as a solo singer.

Lee Chaeyeon is set to release her first single 'The Move: Street' on September 6th. After recording an all-time hit with 'Knock', Lee Chaeyeon is determined to continue her momentum. Given that 'Knock' stirred a challenge craze with its dazzling performance and addictive melody, all eyes are on 'The Move: Street' to see if Lee Chaeyeon can solidify her rising trajectory.