"We will address the shortcomings through follow-up broadcasts based on additional investigations."

SBS's investigative program 'Unanswered Questions' has bowed its head in apology after facing controversy over its episode related to the group FIFTY FIFTY. Five days after the episode aired, the show promised a follow-up broadcast to address the criticisms. Whether 'Unanswered Questions' will be given another chance remains in the hands of the viewers.

The controversy began with the episode aired on August 19. Under the title "Billboard and Girl Group - Who Clipped Their Wings?", the show addressed the hot topic of FIFTY FIFTY's exclusive contract dispute. However, the episode was criticized for merely reiterating known facts and not living up to the reputation and expectations the show has built over the years.

Moreover, the episode faced backlash for not addressing certain issues, such as FIFTY FIFTY members individually applying for trademark rights for their Korean team names and activities, and the case of An Seong-il, the representative of The Givers, allegedly forging his educational and professional background. Critics argued that the episode was biased, only presenting the perspective of the FIFTY FIFTY members.

Several viewers filed hundreds of complaints with the Broadcasting Communications Review Committee regarding the episode. Entertainment-related organizations, including the Korea Entertainment Producers' Association and the Korea Management Federation, jointly criticized the episode for "losing the fairness and public interest that broadcasting should maintain."

Feedback from 'Unanswered Questions' came on August 24, five days after the episode aired. In an official statement, the show's producers stated, "The August 19th episode titled 'Unanswered Questions - Billboard and Girl Group' was produced to contemplate what's needed for sustainable K-pop in light of the so-called 'FIFTY FIFTY incident'. First and foremost, we deeply apologize for unintentionally hurting the feelings of many working in the K-pop industry and the fans who love K-pop."

They added, "We take the criticisms from organizations like the 'Korea Management Federation' and 'Korea Entertainment Producers' Association' very seriously. We want to clarify that this program was not produced to favor any particular side involved in the dispute. For the issues currently under debate, we will address the shortcomings through follow-up broadcasts based on additional investigations. We thank everyone for their interest in 'Unanswered Questions', and we promise to repay your support with more in-depth investigations."

With a reputation built over 31 years now wavering, it remains to be seen whether the apology and promise of a follow-up broadcast from 'Unanswered Questions' will win back the trust of its viewers.