IVE member Ahn Yujin has shared her personal tips for striking the perfect pose in photos.

Ahn Yujin appeared in a video uploaded to Esquire's official channel on the 18th, where she introduced her preferences in a Q&A format.

Known for frequently taking photos, Yujin highlighted the differences in her posing techniques depending on her attire.

"When I'm in stage outfits, I tend to stretch my legs out so that the outfit stands out well," Yujin shared.

She continued, "When I'm in casual clothes, I try to sit on stairs or chairs or utilize props around me."

When asked about her workout music preferences, Yujin, who enjoys listening to music while exercising, said, "I like K-pop, so I often visit streaming sites that have recommended playlists." She added, "I usually work out while listening to those playlists," and recommended IVE's music to the viewers.