"Mount CHIAK (2023)" is facing challenges even before its premiere.

According to Yonhap News on August 24, Wonju City has requested the film's production company to change the title "Mount CHIAK (2023)."

Starring Yoon Kyun-sang and Kim Ye-won, "Mount CHIAK (2023)" is a reality horror film that depicts strange events happening to members of the mountain biking club "Sangaja" who visit Chiaksan, where a mysterious dismembered body was discovered 40 years ago.

Wonju City expressed concerns to the production company, stating, "The film, with its baseless and eerie tales, could potentially cast a negative shadow over the Chiaksan National Park and its surrounding areas."

Previously, films like "Gokseong" and "Gonjiam" also faced controversies for using actual place names as their titles, leading to debates over tarnishing the image of those locations.

In relation to this, the "Mount CHIAK (2023)" team stated, "The production company and Wonju City are currently in discussions. We are striving to move in a direction that benefits both parties."

Given that the film is inspired by the infamous 18-piece murder case known through eerie tales, it's noteworthy to see how determined Wonju City is to prevent any potential damage to the region's image. It remains to be seen how this will be resolved before the film's release.

"Mount CHIAK (2023)" is set to premiere on September 13.