BTS member V is confirmed to grace a music program with his presence.

On August 23, the newly launched K-pop chart show 'NPOP', a collaboration between Naver and Playlist, revealed, "V will perform four songs on 'NPOP', including his title track. Each of V's 'NPOP' performances will feature a unique stage design, further enhancing the immersion of the performance."

V's first solo album, 'Layover', which will be released on September 8th at 1 PM, consists of six tracks: 'Rainy Days', 'Blue', 'Love Me Again', 'Slow Dancing', 'For Us', and a bonus track, 'Slow Dancing (Piano ver.)'. The pre-released tracks 'Rainy Days' and 'Love Me Again' have already dominated international charts, clinching the top spot on iTunes 'Top Songs' charts in various countries/regions.

'Rainy Days', an Alternative POP R&B track, harmoniously blends V's vocals with a variety of ambient sounds from daily life, amplifying the song's emotional depth. 'Blue' is a unique song that pays homage to old school R&B while incorporating modern sounds. Another track, 'Love Me Again', centralizes around the 1970s soul sound within the R&B genre, accentuating V's rich and appealing vocals.

The title track for this album, 'Slow Dancing', evokes a free and languid mood reminiscent of the romantic soul style of the 70s.

'NPOP' will be regularly scheduled on Naver NOW's 'NPOP' channel starting in September. V's anticipated performances are set to be unveiled on September 9th and September 13th.