BLACKPINK's track 'THE GIRLS', an OST from the mobile game based on BLACKPINK IP, is making its global debut.

According to YG Entertainment, the music video for 'THE GIRLS' has been available since 1 PM KST on August 23rd in BLACKPINK World, a virtual space within the game 'BLACKPINK The Game'.

Released in May as the OST for 'BLACKPINK The Game', 'THE GIRLS' features a rhythmic and powerful sound. The synergy between the members' unique rap and vocals is striking. Producers such as Ryan Tedder and Danny Chung, who have previously collaborated with BLACKPINK, contributed to the track. Moreover, members Jennie and Rosé are credited, drawing significant attention.

Of special note is BLACKPINK's performance as 3D avatars, anticipated to offer a unique experience for global fans. The choreography, created by YGX's Lee Jung's dance team, along with the avatars and stage costumes, which the members directly participated in designing, are expected to add viewing pleasure.

In celebration of 'THE GIRLS' release, content for fans has also been prepared. A 'BLACKPINK The Game OST Celebration Party', where BLACKPINK members undertake missions, will be unveiled on both 'BLACKPINK The Game' and YG's official YouTube channel. Photos taken by the members during this content will later be updated as photocards in the game.

Pre-orders for the 'THE GIRLS' OST package are currently available on major music sites such as KTOWN4U and YG SELECT. The OST will be officially released on the 25th. The package will include two versions, 'STELLA' and 'REVV', each having both BLACK and PINK editions, making a total of four variations. The diverse contents not only offer variety but also enhance the collection's value.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is currently on their 'BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK]', the largest scale world tour by a K-pop girl group, mobilizing around 1.75 million fans. They are syncing with fans in four North American cities: New Jersey, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. This grand tour is set to conclude with a spectacular finale in Seoul this coming September.