BTS's Jungkook is embroiled in a plagiarism controversy, but Big Hit Music, the agency he's affiliated with, has firmly stated, "It's not true."

Last month, on the 14th, Jungkook released 'Seven', proving his stature as a 'world star' by clinching the top spots in both domestic and international charts.

'Seven' is a passionate serenade expressing the desire to spend an entire week with a loved one. Jungkook's soulful vocals elevated the allure and completeness of the track. The addictive melody, combined with an acoustic guitar and rhythms reminiscent of the UK garage genre from the early 1990s, makes it a standout piece.

Significantly, 'Seven' achieved the top spot on the Billboard 'Global 200' and 'Global (Excluding U.S.)' charts for five consecutive weeks. As a result, 'Seven' became the second song this year, following Miley Cyrus's hit 'Flowers', to maintain the number one position on these charts for over five weeks. Within a week of its release, it soared directly to the top of the Billboard 'Hot 100' main song chart.

As Jungkook establishes numerous records leading the K-pop scene, allegations surfaced attempting to overshadow his accomplishments, specifically claims of plagiarism.

Recently, suspicions arose that 'Seven' borrowed major melodies and notations directly from Fin.K.L's 'Time of the Mask', released in 2000. One media outlet reported that Yang Jun-young, the composer of 'Time of the Mask', sent evidence including audio and notation to one of HYBE's main producers.

However, Big Hit Music has categorically denied the plagiarism allegations regarding Jungkook's song. They stated, "'Seven' was created in collaboration with five international composers. It's a completely independent creation and has nothing to do with a track included in a domestic album from 24 years ago." The agency further emphasized that the song doesn't match any criteria used to determine plagiarism, such as substantial similarity.

Netizens have expressed their astonishment at the claim. Comments such as "It's surprisingly not similar at all," and "I used to love Fin.K.L so I knew that song. After the plagiarism controversy, I listened to it again, and no matter how intently I listened, I couldn't find a single part that reminded me of 'Seven'," were prevalent.

Meanwhile, a month after its release, Jungkook's 'Seven' continues to receive fervent love from fans.