Allegations have arisen suggesting that BTS's Jungkook's solo track 'Seven' plagiarizes a song by Fin.K.L. In response, the record label Big Hit Music emphasized that these are "merely unilateral claims."

On the 22nd, a media outlet reported that Jungkook's debut solo single 'Seven' appears to borrow directly from the highlight section of Fin.K.L's 'Time of the Mask', a track released in 2000. The outlet also conveyed that Yang Joon-young, one of the composers involved in 'Time of the Mask', has submitted evidence to HYBE Corporation to support this claim.

Big Hit Music countered by stating, "'Seven' is a collaboration created by five international songwriters" and emphasized that the song is "a completely unrelated creative piece compared to the track included in a domestic album from 24 years ago."

The label continued, "We would like to inform that the current claims do not meet the criteria for determining plagiarism, such as substantial similarity and referencing."

On another note, Jungkook's 'Seven' is an English track in the UK garage style (an electronic music genre originating from the UK in the early 1990s). It blends lyrics expressing the desire to "spend an entire week with a loved one" with Jungkook's emotional vocals. The song climbed to the top of the US Billboard Main Singles Chart 'Hot 100' last month.