BTS's Jimin continues to shine as he clinches yet another top spot in a global popularity poll, reaffirming his unparalleled dominance in the K-pop scene.

For the second week of August (from August 7th to August 13th, 2023), Jimin ascended to the 1st place on the global K-pop idol popularity poll, 'KDOL (K-idol)'.

Garnering a staggering 32,331,428 hearts over the past week, Jimin solidified his reign by achieving the 1st place ranking for the 138th time. This not only breaks his own previous record but also attests to his undisputed status as the 'Record Maker'.

Currently, Jimin holds a cumulative total of 11,736,503,611 hearts on KDOL, outpacing the 2nd place by a wide margin of over 4 billion hearts and unambiguously clinching the top spot in KDOL's hall of fame. As of August 12th, Jimin boasts records including: the highest daily rank (876 times), weekly rank (138 times), monthly rank (28 times), daily highest votes (2,686,819,192), weekly highest votes (2,749,178,562), monthly highest votes (3,066,876,445), highest votes on a birthday (2,686,819,192), and the longest consecutive days at daily 1st rank (61 days).

The 'KDOL' app allows fans from all over the world, including the US, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Korea, to vote for their favorite K-pop idols. The service reflects user votes in real-time, updating rankings every day at midnight (Korean Standard Time). The app aggregates daily, weekly, and monthly votes, with the highest achievers ascending to its hall of fame.

Meanwhile, following his first-place victories in both June and July KDOL monthly rankings, fans can look forward to advertisements featuring Jimin at Seoul subway stations Cheongdam and Gangnam District Office until September 18th.