BTS's Jimin continues to set impressive records as a leading K-pop solo artist. As of August 16, Jimin recorded 814,500 monthly listeners on the US music streaming service, Pandora.

This stands as a first and unique record for a K-pop solo artist. Surpassing the group record of BTS itself, which holds 469,600 monthly listeners on the same date, Jimin's solo performance shines brilliantly ahead.

Moreover, Jimin has surpassed 34 million streams on Pandora, holding the record for the most streams among the BTS members. A significant portion of these streams comes from "Like Crazy", the first Korean solo song to reach number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100. "Like Crazy" has accumulated over 23.2 million streams, also setting the record for the most streamed solo track among the BTS members. The song maintained its position in the top spins chart for six weeks from August 4 to 10, hinting at Jimin's significant influence, aptly termed "Jimmerica" (Jimin + America).

Pandora, exclusively available in the world's largest music market, the US, is considered one of the top three streaming platforms, following Spotify and Apple Music. After Jimin's unprecedented success by claiming the top spot on Spotify's global top songs chart as the first K-pop solo artist, he has now conquered Pandora as well. Moreover, on US Spotify, he succeeded in staying on the daily chart for 81 days and the weekly chart for 12 weeks. Between August 11 and 17, he leaped a remarkable 43 spots on the weekly chart, showcasing his soaring popularity.

Solidifying his position as a solo artist on streaming platforms, Jimin also boasts three Guinness World Records: fastest K-pop solo artist to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify, most streams within 24 hours of release on SoundCloud, and the highest cumulative streams on SoundCloud, further cementing his esteemed reputation as the frontman of K-pop.