Boy group BTS has issued a warning about individuals impersonating them.

On August 17, their agency, Big Hit Music, alerted the fandom through a community announcement, "We've been noticing ongoing incidents both online and offline where individuals impersonate our artists, either pilfering content or flaunting alleged close ties to the artists to gain financial benefits."

The statement continued, "Please be informed that outside of the official channels of our company and our artists, there are no circumstances where the artists or the company will request content from or propose deals to specific individuals."

Adding to the caution, the statement emphasized, "We request everyone to pay special attention and be aware that our company has no relations to any actions that showcase ties to us or our artists to secure investment funds or any financial proposals. Please ensure you do not become victims."

Meanwhile, BTS released their 10th-anniversary commemorative single 'Take Two' last June.

Below is the full statement from BTS's agency:


This is Big Hit Music.

Recently, there have been continual incidents online and offline where individuals impersonate our artists to steal content or demonstrate supposed close relations with our artists to derive financial benefits. We urge caution.

Outside of the information provided through our company and artists' official channels, neither the artists nor the company has ever requested content from or proposed transactions to specific individuals.

We would like to emphasize that our company has no associations with any actions that involve showcasing relationships with the company or our artists to raise investment funds or propose financial deals. We kindly ask everyone to exercise utmost caution to prevent any potential harm.

Thank you.