BTS RM, who recently made headlines with his shorter hairstyle, has once again hinted at his upcoming military enlistment.

On the 12th, RM connected with fans through a live broadcast on the fan community platform Weverse.

After unveiling a recent photo showcasing his short haircut, there was much speculation about RM's potential enlistment. During the live broadcast titled "Buzz Cut," he discussed his new hairstyle, stating, "My hair has grown a bit. It's harder to maintain a buzz cut. It gets awkward if I don't trim it." Despite his drastic change, fans responded with compliments like "It looks good," to which RM humorously replied, "How much do you all love me? I'm sorry for the buzz cut, but I had no choice."

Further elaborating on his new look, RM said, "I've always wanted to try a buzz cut. My hair is about 15mm now. I used to trim it this short during the summer in high school. I haven't done it since my debut, so it's been almost 12 years."

BTS RM Drops Hints of Imminent Military Enlistment Amidst Buzz About His New Haircut
(Photo : Weverse)
BTS RM Drops Hints of Imminent Military Enlistment Amidst Buzz About His New Haircut

During the same broadcast, RM indirectly referred to his enlistment after reading a comment suggesting a drink. He remarked, "I love alcohol and have been drinking a lot lately. I think I should cut back since I've been drinking alone at home out of habit." He then cryptically added, "It's not alcohol addiction. There will come a time soon when I won't be able to drink," hinting at his impending enlistment.

RM also assured fans that after his military service, he will focus diligently on the team, saying, "When I return, I will work hard for the team since many of you will be waiting. Jin will be discharged just before next year's Festa. Jin and J-Hope will fill in for us," indicating plans for members to continue with solo activities during the group's 'military hiatus'.

Despite speculations spurred by his short hair, RM has indirectly referenced his upcoming enlistment several times. Last August 6th, during BTS Suga's solo concert at the KSPO DOME in Seoul, RM, sporting his shorter hairstyle, made a surprise appearance. He addressed the buzz, saying, "I receive about five or six calls a day about my hair. It's not about enlistment. I just wanted to cut it because it's hot."

Furthermore, he hinted, "Today might be the last live broadcast before I enlist. So, I brought a gift," and unveiled a yet-untitled unreleased track, generating much buzz.

Previously, after Jin's enlistment last December, RM appeared on KBS 1TV's 'KBS News 9', revealing his calm sentiments about his upcoming enlistment. In a live broadcast last April, he mentioned, "I had initially planned to enlist around the same time as J-Hope, but delayed it due to this project. Once it's completed, I'll probably go."

BTS RM Drops Hints of Imminent Military Enlistment Amidst Buzz About His New Haircut
(Photo : JIN SNS)
BTS RM Drops Hints of Imminent Military Enlistment Amidst Buzz About His New Haircut

In June, during BTS's 10th-anniversary celebration at the Han River Park in Yeouido, Seoul, when a fan introduced herself as "ARMY from Vietnam," RM playfully responded, "Nice to meet you. I'll be joining the army soon too."

Last December, Jin, followed by J-Hope in April, began their mandatory military service. On the 7th, Big Hit Music announced, "Suga has completed his application to cancel his military service postponement, and further enlistment details will be provided as they are decided," indicating Suga's enlistment is on the horizon.

With RM continuing to hint at his enlistment, global fan anticipation surrounding his service is intensifying.