As the last member of global sensation BTS to launch a solo project, V's influence has been immediate and vast. Drawing attention is the fact that Min Hee-jin, the founder of Newjins and a leading figure in ADORE, has taken charge of music, choreography, design, and promotions for the much-anticipated solo album 'Layover', set to release on the 8th of next month. Particularly with all BTS members achieving global success with their solo endeavors, expectations are soaring for the records V might set with his release.

According to Big Hit Music, the agency to which he belongs, on August 12, the pre-released track 'Rainy Days' topped the iTunes 'Top Songs' charts in over 70 countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, and France. On the same day, 'Love Me Again' also peaked at the top of the iTunes charts in 35 countries, including Austria, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Both tracks not only conquered domestic music charts but also ranked 1st and 2nd on Japan's Oricon 'Daily Digital Rank'. On Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform, 'Rainy Days' and 'Love Me Again' secured the 10th (with 3,773,666 plays) and 12th (with 3,576,108 plays) positions on the 'Daily Top Songs Global' respectively.

Accompanied by its music video, 'Rainy Days' is described as an alternative pop R&B track, while 'Love Me Again' fuses 1970s soul sounds with gospel and jazz, defining it as an R&B genre song. V, in his time with BTS, had been previously recognized for his unique and emotional vocals with tracks like 'Stigma' and 'Inner Child'.

Min Hee-jin, the overall producer, mentioned, "Both songs act as an introduction to the solo album," highlighting the "raw yet moving vocals and visuals of V."

Sharing his experience, V expressed, "The way this project was approached was genuinely unique and natural. I don't address Min Hee-jin formally but rather call her 'sister'. One day she said, 'Tae-hyung, are you free tomorrow? Come see me.' As soon as I arrived, she took photos. It was a first in my life. No preparations, which was startling, but the sheer naturalness was unreal."

He continued, "I didn't see it as a photoshoot, but rather like I was out for sightseeing or a picnic. This mindset led to natural photos which I genuinely loved. I believe the ARMY (the fandom) will appreciate them too."