BTS member V discussed his diet ahead of his solo debut.

On August 13, V went live on Weverse, a global fan community platform, to interact with ARMY, the group's fandom.

During the broadcast, V showcased the Jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) he had ordered for delivery, explaining, "I usually eat while watching YouTube, but today I wanted to eat while looking at my reflection. Won't the ARMY want to see my face?" hinting at the reason he turned on the live stream.

He continued, "I was on a diet, but then I realized there's almost a month left until September 8th (the release date of his first solo album). I thought about maintaining my diet for a month, but then I thought 'I'm hungry right now, let's just eat one meal,' so I ordered the food."

When fans inquired about his current weight, V replied, "I'm now 62kg. I need to go on a diet."

Meanwhile, V is set to release his first solo album 'Layover' at 1 PM (KST) on September 8th.