BTS Jimin has emerged as a standout, becoming the most desired BTS member producers would want to work with, garnering attention.

A recent video was released on the professional composer's YouTube channel 'Mad Sensibility' addressing the question, "If you could give a solo song to any BTS member, who would you choose?"

In the video, 'Mad Sensibility' posed this question to famous producers such as 'Shinsadong Tiger', 'KZ', Kim Won, and Lee Hu-sang. Remarkably, all five unanimously selected Jimin.

'Shinsadong Tiger' explained his choice clearly: "Firstly, his vocal tone is exceptionally unique. While his voice sounds light, it has a resilient and robust quality to it. Not everyone can produce such a voice, and to hear it in concerts or recordings is a whole different experience."

Lee Hu-sang added, "Artists always want to create something new," highlighting Jimin as the 'muse' sparking inspiration among creators. Previously, 'Mad Sensibility', who has expressed interest in working with Jimin multiple times, praised, "From my perspective, he's the best to bring in a fresh sound. Even if given a standard song, he interprets and sings it in a unique way."

Kim Won noticed a change in Jimin's vocal style over time, stating, "Jimin didn't sing like this before, but at one point, his voice started to exude more flair." Emphasizing that apart from his outstanding performances, Jimin captures listeners with his differentiated charm in tracks. Lastly, 'KZ' candidly expressed, "I would pick Jimin too. It might seem unlikely, but if I had a next life, I'd choose him," showcasing unanimous acknowledgment of Jimin's vocal talent and charm.

The video concluded with the remark, "Successful people recognize those even more successful." Previously, 'Mad Sensibility' had reviewed the 'Hot 100' Billboard chart-topping track 'Like Crazy', which marked a first for a Korean solo artist. In it, he acclaimed, "If Canada has The Weeknd, Korea has Jimin. His voice itself is magical. Truly, Jimin has outdone himself."