YG Entertainment's boy group TREASURE is continuing its meteoric rise by seizing the throne of major Japanese music charts.

According to YG Entertainment on the 9th, TREASURE's second studio album 'REBOOT' has claimed the top spot on both the Billboard Japan 'Hot Albums' and 'Top Albums Sales' charts, earning them a double crown.

The 'Hot Albums' chart ranks albums not only based on physical sales but also on the combined points from digital downloads. This chart is particularly significant as it reflects both the firepower of the local core fandom and the broad mainstream appeal.

Moreover, just a day earlier, TREASURE also topped Oricon's weekly album chart and the weekly pop (import) album chart. Sweeping the reputable local weekly album charts, the group achieved a quadruple crown, underscoring their growing global popularity.

In fact, TREASURE's impressive trajectory with 'REBOOT' has drawn considerable attention. The title track, 'BONA BONA', recorded first place in the iTunes song chart in 20 countries. The album sales, combining domestic and overseas exports, surpassed 1.71 million units (based on Circle Chart), cementing their status as a million-seller.

Additionally, with large-scale fan-meeting tours in Japan, major urban pop-up stores, and other significant projects lined up, further growth in final sales is expected. Starting in September, the group is slated to embark on an expansive fan-meeting tour across five cities with 20 events, leading up to a dream performance at the Tokyo Dome. TREASURE will be the very first K-pop artist to debut at the Tokyo Dome with their inaugural Japanese fan-meeting tour.