MONSTA X kicked off their digital live performance 'MONSTA X LIVE FROM SEOUL WITH LUV' on August 9 at noon KST where Shownu rendered one of his first media appearances following his operation.

Shownu went into surgery last July and received treatment in his left eye due to retinal detachment. The digital concert was delayed to the present date to help enable Shownu to recuperate from the operation. Minhyuk broached the subject at the virtual live show, saying there must be many people worried about Shownu's post-operation status.

Shownu assured his fans that he is in stable condition, eating a lot, and is delighted to see all the fans. He asks the supporters to enjoy the show as well and is looking forward to seeing them soon. MONSTA X had previously intended a world tour to launch with a music event in Seoul in May, but it has been suspended due to COVID-19.


In July 2020, his managing label, Starship Entertainment, revealed to the public that he underwent emergency eye operation due to his left eye retina health issues. Starship Entertainment released an official statement saying that throughout Shownu's initial check-up by an opthalmologist last July, he was informed by the doctor that he has an abnormality in his retina located on his left eye and that day he was examined thoroughly.

After the screening, the doctor officially diagnosed the idol with retinal detachment in his left eye and had to undergo emergency eye surgery. This condition cannot be overlooked and was scheduled for an afternoon surgery the same day.

Starship Entertainment concluded their official press release by assuring MONBEBEs that they are doing their best to support Shownu and will always put his wellbeing first.

"Our company considers our artists' health and wellness first, and we continue to work together to make sure he gets a full and speedy recovery. Upon taking into account the specialists' information and guidance and the treatment progress of Shownu, we will issue updates in the future about planned activities. We sincerely apologize for causing concern to all the fans who love and support MONSTA X, and we will strive to do our utmost to take better care of the health and happiness of the members. Thank you." (via Soompi)