Boy group THE BOYZ faces a crucial turning point, as they step into their seventh year since debut amidst a slowdown in growth momentum. Their solution? A three-part second full album and a series of three comebacks this year - a clear all-in strategy. They kickstarted this effort with the vibrant "Summer Carol Song".

On the 7th, THE BOYZ released the first part of their second album 'PHANTASY' titled 'Christmas In August'. As the name suggests, the album captures dreamlike, miraculous moments and emotions, presenting them as Christmas gifts in the middle of summer, offering a different kind of "romantic fantasy" than the love stories they've showcased before.

From the refreshing "Summer Carol Song" to tracks that exhibit their outstanding vocal prowess and deep emotional range, the album expands on the identity and spectrum of their music. Through this, they aim to leap out of their stagnation phase.

THE BOYZ began their journey with their debut album 'THE FIRST' in December 2017, building a unique path with their well-crafted albums and solid storytelling around themes of youth, growth, and love. Through their 'THE' series, they delved into the universal themes of passion for dreams, growth, existence, and value, expressing the nuances of love in their distinct style.

Subsequent albums brought forward conceptual music and performances that expanded their fandom. Notably, their rapid growth was evident following their participation in Mnet's "Road to Kingdom" in 2020 and "Kingdom: Legendary War" in 2021.

The numbers speak for themselves. Their first full album 'REVEAL', released in February 2020, sold around 120,000 copies, but after "Road to Kingdom", their fifth mini-album 'CHASE' in September saw a surge to 370,000 sales. Following "Kingdom: Legendary War", their sixth mini-album 'THRILL-ING' and single album 'MAVERICK' each sold over 640,000 copies.

However, the once-thriving THE BOYZ stumbled a bit since last year, with their seventh mini-album 'BE AWARE' in August and their eighth mini-album 'BE AWAKE' in February halting at around 400,000 sales. In the meantime, peers like Stray Kids soared, and ATEEZ joined the ranks of million sellers.

In what could have been a period of significant growth for THE BOYZ, they seemed to lag behind in the fierce competition. Hence, this second full album's release is crucial.

For this album, they've embraced a unique 'trilogy' format, dividing a single album into three parts. In line with this, they've opted for a 'triple comeback' strategy to engage more intimately with fans, led by their title track 'LIP GLOSS'. The song whimsically describes the desire for a sweet kiss, akin to a Christmas present, from someone who caught their eye at first sight.

The track, blending house and synth-pop, exudes THE BOYZ's unique energy. It's accompanied by a carefree performance and a refreshing vibe, amplified by a music video showing them partying at a beach.

The album is further enriched with tracks like 'Passion Fruit', 'Lighthouse', 'Julie's Law', 'Fire Eyes', and 'A Story Only I Know', reinforcing the 'fantasy' theme.

Each of the six tracks, focusing on the innate identity of youth, weaves an interesting individual narrative. Yet, together they perfectly craft the overarching 'Christmas in August' storyline.

THE BOYZ shared, "This album, different from the past two years, is designed for 'easy listening' and refreshment. We've centered it on ensuring not just our fans but many listeners can easily enjoy it. It's an album we value highly, a collection of our various facets and charms, and we humbly ask for much love."

Starting with Mnet's 'M Countdown' on the 10th, THE BOYZ is all set for their active promotions.