Long hailed as dependable powerhouses in the entertainment world, the status of Lee Hyo-ri and Yoo Jae-suk as variety show giants is wobbling due to their current shows' disappointing ratings. Lee Hyo-ri's tvN program "Dance Singer Troupe" and Yoo Jae-suk's "You Quiz On The Block" have recorded their lowest ratings since their respective debuts.

"Dance Singer Troupe", which aired its first episode last May, is now approaching its 12th episode on the 10th after crossing the 11th. Despite boasting an average mid-3% rating, the show's ratings plummeted to 2.5% on the 3rd. Despite the collaboration of top stars like Lee Hyo-ri, Kim Wan-sun, Uhm Jung-hwa, BoA, Hwasa, and legendary producer Kim Tae-ho, known for creating "Infinite Challenge", the show fell short of expectations.

A dominant criticism of "Dance Singer Troupe" is its repetitiveness. Over the past couple of months, each artist mainly performed their hit songs. The performance venues varied from Jinhae, Yangyang, to Gwangju, but the song choices remained similar.

Lee Hyo-ri consistently performed "U-Go-Girl" and "Ten Minutes", Uhm Jung-hwa showcased "Betrayal of the Rose" and "Poison", Kim Wan-sun danced to "The Dance in Rhythm" and "The Pierrot Smiles at Us". Even the younger artists like BoA performed "NO.1", and Hwasa presented "Maria" and "Twit". Only recently have there been attempts to introduce variation, like swapping hit songs or organizing joint stages. However, it was seen as too little too late.

In Yoo Jae-suk's "You Quiz", the situation mirrors the trend. The most recent episode recorded the lowest rating of 2023, dropping to a mere 3.9% from its usual 4-5%.

Critics say "You Quiz" has lost its original charm. Initially, Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho interacted with everyday citizens, giving viewers a 'human touch'. Now, it's transformed into a celebrity promotional talk show.

While it's understandable from the producers' point of view to showcase top stars like Cho Jin-woong, Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Hee-ae, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Sung-min, Han Ji-min, Uhm Jung-hwa, Taeyang, and Park Eun-bin, the audience perceives it as overly promotional. There are merits, like hearing genuine stories from stars. But what made "You Quiz" special was its chemistry with ordinary people, which seems lost now.

While high ratings and buzz are sweet, a show that loses its unique identity struggles in the long run. With record-low ratings this year, it's high time for the hosts and production teams to regroup and rediscover their direction.

There's a saying, '권토중래(捲土重來)', which means to make a comeback after a setback.

Although they've hit an all-time low, both stars are legends who've dominated the broadcasting world. They have the caliber to prove themselves and even exceed expectations. Many fans are eagerly waiting for their swift return with fresh and unique content.