Actor Park Seo-joon has addressed allegations surrounding his recent behavior during the promotional events for the movie "Concrete Utopia", specifically regarding an unexpected incident with a female fan and his refusal to wear a headband gifted by another fan.

On the afternoon of August 7, Park Seo-jun posted a lengthy message on his official fan community site, candidly discussing the controversies that had emerged around him.

Firstly, he mentioned the incident with the female fan. "During Saturday's event, I was unaware of the sudden intrusion," Park shared. "When I turned my head, someone was embracing me. I could smell alcohol, and I felt that the person might have made a mistake. Even though I was taken aback, I tried to end the event on a good note, considering the rest of the audience."

He continued, "The security personnel apologized for not being able to respond immediately due to the suddenness of the event, but I reassured them. I hope they don't worry too much."

Regarding the headband controversy, Park Seo-joon revealed his thoughts. "The next day, there was talk about the headband. Honestly, when I attend these events, I sweat a lot," he began. "There are fans who like my hair down, and others who like it up. That day, I styled it up since it's easier to manage and I also sprayed a lot of hairspray to keep it in place. It was so firm that moving it would cause discomfort. Wearing anything on my head would have hurt."

He added, "It might sound like an excuse, but as many of you know, I generally don't hesitate with such gestures. There were comments saying it's embarrassing that [actress] Park Bo-young had to hold the headband. I thought it was given for her by her fans. I felt that taking it might upset the fan, but I realize there was a misunderstanding."

Previously, over the weekend, Park Seo-joon was promoting "Concrete Utopia". During the event, a fan presented couple headbands to both Park Seo-jun and co-star Park Bo-young. While Park Bo-young immediately put on the headband, Park Seo-joon made a gesture indicating his hair was styled and opted not to wear it.

Subsequent videos of the incident spread online, sparking debate about Park Seo-jun's behavior, with comments ranging from "he was rude" to "he wasn't obligated to wear it".

In addition, on August 5, while promoting "Concrete Utopia" in Busan, a female fan suddenly climbed onto the stage and embraced Park Seo-jun, leading to further controversy. Thankfully, security intervened, but the unexpected event left both Park and the audience in shock.