FNC Entertainment has finally issued a public apology to ex-AOA member Mina and the other AOA members. In their official press statement on August 9, they apologized to Mina for what had transpired and the delayed update.

FNC Entertainment started their statement by apologizing to Kwon Mina and other AOA members for the disgraceful series of events that had lately transpired that stirred and troubled everyone supporting the artist and the band. They sincerely apologized to Mina, knowing she's suffering from severe mental health issues and hoped for her fast recovery.

FNC also admitted their inability to handle the situation appropriately, resulting in a much more serious issue, making Mina and other AOA members be in severe condemnation from the public. They emphasized the most important thing that should be done is to focus on Mina's mental health recovery.

"We concluded that discussing and debunking several of the claims that are being said and attempting to expose openly who is right and who is wrong would bring more conflicts to the surface, and the matter will not be adequately addressed. We have also made it clear to the AOA members that they will not make personal comments, even though they would like. We came to this conclusion because we agreed that making each participant disclose their remarks to the media is not the best way to address the issue, which would lead to confrontation." (via Koreaboo)

They also clarified that they didn't ignore her when Mina asked for the planned promotional activities of Shin Jimin but didn't respond as Jimin withdrew her career from the label and the industry following the issue thrown at her.

As for the personal matters, including payments, FNC Entertainment said they are following industry protocols and will lodge legal complaints if ever there are issues regarding money dispute.

Kwon Mina unveiled a new photo of her self-harm wounds last week, August 8, which sparked outrage from supporters and her company. Her managing label promptly called authorities and checked her as quickly as possible by emergency responders. Eventually, Woori Actors reported that her life was not at risk, and she was undergoing care.