In an awe-inspiring display of talent, singer Hwasa perfectly executed renditions of BoA's 'My Name' and Lee Hyo-ri's 'Hey Mr. Big', capturing all the attention.

The latest episode of tvN's variety show 'Dance Singer Band' aired on the 3rd, showcasing the last journey of Lee Hyo-ri, Uhm Jung-hwa, BoA, Kim Wan-sun, and Hwasa - Part 1 of their Seoul concert.

During the broadcast, Uhm Jung-hwa was the first to take the stage with a "wish-fulfilling song" for the fans, leading a crowd sing-along with 'Molla'. As the atmosphere heated up, Kim Wan-sun made his appearance, tying bongs (sticks) to his arms and legs, sparking nostalgia among the audience.

Kim Wan-sun chose to replicate his 'Love's Alley' performance, which involved dancing with dolls tied to bongs, as closely as possible. Instead of dolls, he synced his movements with backup dancers for a 'bong dance' routine.

Next, Lee Hyo-ri opened with Bongsan Mask Dance and 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', presenting a passionate stage. After her performance, Lee Hyo-ri introduced Hwasa, saying, "The next stage is by a junior I truly cherish. She is a junior I deeply support and respect in my heart. She's someone who can dance even in a storm. I wish her path ahead is always filled with love and happiness."

At this, Hwasa was visibly emotional, with teary eyes, taking a moment before she could take the stage. When she finally took to the stage, she sang BoA's 'My Name', eliciting cheers from the audience with her outstanding dance moves. Then, Hwasa quickly changed her outfit on stage and delivered a fiery rendition of Lee Hyo-ri's 'Hey Mr. Big', interpreting it in her unique style.

Responding to Hong Hyun-hee's question about how Lee Hyo-ri might react to her performance, Hwasa jestingly said, "I hope she's envious. I'd like to steal this song," drawing laughter from everyone present.