Jeon Hye-jin and Choi Soo-young are making waves in their rollicking performances as an unconventional mother-daughter pair in 'NamNam'.

Since its premiere on the 17th of this month, the GenieTV original series 'NamNam' (script by Min Seon-ae, directed by Lee Min-woo) is rapidly gaining popularity. The drama follows the chaotic home life of an uninhibited mother and her cool-headed daughter, while also exploring their romantic entanglements.

In the series, Jeon Hye-jin portrays Kim Eun-mi, a single mother with a 29-year-old daughter, yet still embodying the spunk of a girl crush as a physical therapist. Choi Soo-young, an actress and member of the girl group Girls' Generation, takes on the role of Kim Jin-hee, a patrol team leader who finds it more urgent to keep her reckless mother in check.

'NamNam', based on a webtoon of the same name by author Jeong Young-long, has attracted more than 25 million cumulative views as of its publication date, testifying to its immense popularity. Given the strong fan base already established by the original webtoon, the drama's production announcement prompted eager fans to start speculating on the actor-to-character matches.

One of the key appeals of the drama, much like the webtoon, is the humorous and dynamic unfolding of the mother-daughter story. A swift narrative progression, colloquially described as 'cider-like,' acts as a significant advantage, drawing viewers in and keeping them hooked.

The show's rising viewership is also noteworthy. According to Nielsen Korea, the 4th episode of 'NamNam' broke through a rating of 2.7% (nationwide household-based) on the 25th, surpassing 3.2% in the metropolitan area households. Its peak momentary viewership reached up to 3.9%, demonstrating an impressive upward trajectory.

The actors' performances significantly enhance viewer immersion. Jeon Hye-jin, who debuted in the 1998 film 'Tell Me Something' and has shown a commanding presence in major works such as 'The Hunt', 'The Himalayas', 'Hit-and-Run Squad', 'A Taxi Driver', 'The Merciless', 'Secret Forest', 'Search: WWW', 'Misty', 'Sorry, I Love You', and more, handles even the smallest emotional nuances skillfully. Her comic acting, a rare sight thus far, provides viewers with a unique form of entertainment.

The transformation of Choi Soo-young into Jin-hee, who wishes to truly become 'a man', while dealing with her seemingly incorrigible mother, is also impressive. Long shedding her label as an idol-turned-actress, her consistent acting skills prove Choi Soo-young's growth and effort as a standalone actress.

The bumpy mother-daughter story doesn't just rely on comedy. Despite its comedic nature, 'NamNam' seamlessly integrates social issues like domestic violence into its narrative, conveying profound messages. Thanks to its smoothly flowing storyline and delicate directing, viewers can enjoy the show without discomfort.

'NamNam', aiming to capture both laughter and touching messages, is just starting to unravel its colorful narrative within its 12-episode arc.