The highly-anticipated group TREASURE is making their comeback today at 6 PM with their 2nd full album 'REBOOT'. As leading representatives of YG, their powerful 'restart' promises to soar even higher, stirring up the excitement among global music fans to its peak.

TREASURE aims to prove their significant growth in every aspect, both musically and visually, with this album. Shedding their teenage image and armed with mature charms, they have returned with 10 tracks, all passionately worked on by the members themselves, filled with sincerity.

The atmosphere is already heated up. The new unit T5, composed of So Jung Hwan, Jun Kyu, Ji Hoon, Yoon Jae Hyuk, and Do Young, pre-released 'MOVE', showcasing their vigorous activities. The exceptional confidence in the musical completeness has been revealed through unconventional promotions, including the early unveiling of some verses from the 2nd album tracks.

Unavoidable Fateful Attraction..Title Track 'BONA BONA'

The first track of the album is the title song 'BONA BONA'. The title is a playful interpretation of the message 'Born To Love You', which runs through the theme of fateful attraction, delivered in TREASURE's light-hearted style. The title track blends the strong brass sound of the chorus and a drumbeat reminiscent of a marching band, effectively illustrating TREASURE's confident stride in their 'REBOOT'.

Expectations are also high for TREASURE's performance, which has developed and matured in harmony with fans worldwide. The band's choreography is anticipated to captivate viewers' attention at every moment, with their marching-like dance moves in sync with the beat, coupled with impressive formation changes.

High Album Participation..Expanding 'Spectrum' through Diverse Unit Compositions

Again, TREASURE has demonstrated limitless potential through their music. The rap line, Choi Hyun Suk, Yoshi, and Haruto, contributed their strength to several tracks including the title track. Yoshi and Asahi also participated in the lyrics and composition of 'STUPID' and 'SICK', respectively. Jun Kyu's name is credited on the title track as well as 'MOVE (T5)', 'I WANT YOUR LOVE', 'B.O.M.B', among others.

Bold attempts were made with various member combinations, expanding the team's musical spectrum and revealing new charms. The pre-release track 'MOVE' by the popular unit T5, Choi Hyun Suk, Yoshi, and Haruto's 'G.O.A.T (RAP Unit) feat. Lee Young Hyun' perfectly portraying YG's signature hip-hop vibes, and the sentimental ballad 'Adult (THE WAY TO) (VOCAL Unit)' by Ji Hoon, Jun Kyu, and Park Jeong Woo are included, which are all expected to receive favorable responses.

A Signal of North American Entry..Expanding 'Fan Interaction' through Vigorous Activities

Ahead of this comeback, TREASURE announced their entry into the world's largest music market, North America, by establishing a partnership with the major US record company, Columbia Records. This follows the successful completion of a 17-city, 40-show Asian tour earlier this year, setting up yet another leap forward.

Reflecting the members' intention to interact more with fans, a variety of activities are also being prepared. YG announced plans for more grandiose stages alongside other prominent K-pop artists, as well as a wide range of appearances on YouTube, music shows, and radio.

Meanwhile, TREASURE will hold a 'Comeback Special Live' today at 8 PM. Simultaneously broadcasted on their official YouTube, Weverse, and TikTok, they plan to approach global fans in a friendly manner through diverse corners such as new album introduction, behind-the-scenes of the music video shoot, and fan Q&As.