BTS member RM has grabbed fans' attention with his newly cropped hairdo.

On the 27th, RM shared a picture of himself with the caption, "So it goes," captivating fans with his buzz cut. Although the timing of the photo has not been specified, the attention on RM's new hairstyle is heightened given the approaching period of his military enlistment.

Previously, on the 17th of last month, RM participated in the 'BTS 10th Anniversary Festa' held around Han River Park in Yeouido, Seoul, where he revealed, "I will be joining the army soon too."

RM is currently known to be in the midst of working on his music. Another shared picture humorously depicts an endlessly edited 'thesis meme', suggesting the unique struggles he's experiencing in his work.

Meanwhile, BTS members have been focusing on individual activities due to successive military enlistments. Jin enlisted last December, followed by J-Hope who joined active duty this past April.