The music video for 'The Astronaut' by Jin of BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) has soared past 85 million views, showcasing its exceptional popularity. The video, released on October 28th of last year, surpassed 85 million views on July 26th and currently boasts over 85.15 million views.

'The Astronaut' is Jin's first solo single and was created as a pre-enlistment gift for fans. The world-renowned band Coldplay collaborated on the composition, lyrics, and performance of the song.

The music video for 'The Astronaut' features Jin in a subtly expressive and sensory performance as a 'stranded astronaut.' The mysterious and sensory sound and visuals evoke the feeling of watching a sci-fi movie, contributing to its massive buzz.

Jin's vocals, with his charming baritone and uniquely refreshing yet dreamy atmosphere, showcased his diverse range as a vocalist and garnered praise while captivating fans worldwide.

Upon its release, 'The Astronaut' music video quickly exploded in popularity, reaching one million views within 15 minutes, 10 million views in 12 hours and 30 minutes, and 30 million views in just four days. The video also gained one million 'likes' in just one hour and four minutes, and three million likes in 13 hours, demonstrating its overwhelming popularity. As of July 26th, it has surpassed 5.33 million likes.

The 'The Astronaut' music video topped the 'Global YouTube Music Trending' charts for 17 consecutive days immediately after its release, from October 28th, 2022, to November 13th, 2022. This achievement broke the previous record set by Jin's self-produced solo song 'Super Tuna,' which held the top spot for 16 consecutive days, thus rewriting K-pop history.

The live stage video for Jin's 'The Astronaut' has also surpassed 23.31 million views. The 'The Astronaut' (with Coldplay) @ Coldplay's Music Of The Spheres Tour in Buenos Aires' video, where Jin made his first live performance as a special guest at the Coldplay World Tour held in Argentina, was a hot topic even before its release. It showcased Jin's fantastic live abilities and sweet voice, eliciting explosive reactions from fans.

Shortly after its release, it was ranked in the TOP 3 of YouTube's worldwide popular music videos for three consecutive days. It was ranked 4th in the 'Korea popular music' category, 7th in 'Korea popular videos,' and 3rd in 'UK popular videos,' proving its unique presence.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that hours after its release, rumors spread that the entire stadium of 70,000 spectators were singing along with Jin word for word. Even people who attended the event for Coldplay alone were reportedly admiring Jin's live vocals and the sincerity of his song, filling up the video reviews.

Jin's 'The Astronaut' has over 247.6 million streams on Spotify, the world's largest music platform, and holds the record for over 15.88 million Shazams on Shazam, the world's largest music search platform. This marks the highest record for K-pop in history.

Meanwhile, Jin, who is currently serving as a military assistant, was promoted to corporal early for his exceptional service after just seven months of enlistment, which caused a big stir both domestically and internationally. On the 26th, he once again dominated worldwide real-time trends by posting a cool photo of himself as a military assistant, along with a congratulatory message for Kang Seungyoon of WINNER on his completion of military training.