Veteran singer Lee Hyori, who has had a 26-year-long career, has expressed her intentions to resume commercial advertising and revealed thoughts of a comeback as a singer. As a result, interest in Lee Hyori has grown due to her potential return to advertising after 11 years and to singing after 6 years, sparking an equivalent rise in criticism. Even her past video footage is now being revisited.

Lee Hyori recently put herself in a tight spot by spontaneously suggesting a blind date for Uhm Jung-hwa. On the 20th's episode of tvN's 'Dancing Singer', Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung-hwa visited a market to purchase costumes, during which Lee Hyori suggested a blind date for Uhm in response to a merchant's comment about needing to make money to get married.

Uhm Jung-hwa, seemingly taken aback, responded with fainting acting, indicating her refusal. Previously, in February, she mentioned on her YouTube channel, "I have no regrets about not getting married. I would choose this life no matter when I am born."

While some said, "Isn't it just for fun, a light joke?" others expressed discomfort stating, "It is rude to forcefully suggest without asking for the person's opinion." Especially, some viewers criticized, "It is not good to suggest a blind date to Uhm Jung-hwa who stated that she has no regrets about not getting married."

Lee Hyori's past behavior is also being highlighted. A moment from last year's live broadcast of tvN's 'Seoul Check-In,' where Lee Hyori pulled BoA's hair, has recently been brought back into the spotlight. On that day, the live broadcast featured Kim Wan-sun, Uhm Jung-hwa, BoA, and Hwasa. When Lee Hyori suggested they continue the live broadcast for about an hour, BoA and Hwasa exchanged glances and laughed. Discovering this, Lee Hyori abruptly pulled BoA's hair.

BoA responded, "That's what the seniors I hated in school did," expressing her discomfort. Following this, Uhm Jung-hwa advised Lee Hyori to sit down next to BoA, which she did. Despite this, Lee Hyori continued to tease BoA, causing BoA to respond, "You do know this is violence, right? You got upset today and grabbed my hair."

Some netizens criticized Lee Hyori's behavior, arguing, "How can actions that the other person is calling violence be packaged as a joke?" "Touching her hair is a really bad joke." Comments criticizing Lee Hyori's actions have been attached to the year-old YouTube video recently.

On the 20th, Lee Hyori also flustered not only the participants but also PD Kim Tae-ho during tvN's 'Dancing Singer'. On that day, she wore an all-in-one lingerie intended for body correction as a swimsuit and danced a twerking dance at Yangyang Fish Market.

This made the members and PD Kim Tae-ho flustered. Kim Wan-sun reacted by saying, "Everyone here is going to faint," while BoA said, "This can't be broadcasted." PD Kim Tae-ho was also shocked, with his mouth wide open, unable to hide his surprise asking, "In the market?"

Previously, Lee Hyori wore a provocative lingerie dress slip for Hwasa's 'Dumb Dumb' rearranged stage in 'Dancing Singer'. Some viewers welcomed this by saying, "She's an all-time legend. Only Lee Hyori can pull off this concept," but some expressed regret about the "overly sexy concept."

There are indeed many voices welcoming the star's return. However, as interest increases, so does the amount of scrutiny. It isn't appropriate to hope for love now by bringing back her past image. If one cannot read the trend of the times, fandom can quickly decline.