It has been belatedly revealed that JB of the group Got7 has terminated his exclusive contract with his agency.

His former agency, Cadence Records, announced on July 22, "After a long discussion, we've decided to end JB's future activities with us. We have agreed to terminate the exclusive contract with JB from April 2023 after ample consultation."

JB had joined Jay Park's H1GHR MUSIC after his exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment had ended, and subsequently signed an exclusive contract with Cadence Records in September last year. With JB currently serving his mandatory military duty as a public service worker, the news of his contract termination came as a surprise, leaving fans puzzled.

Recently, it has been revealed on an online community that JB had sent a Direct Message (DM) to a non-celebrity woman through his SNS.

The woman disclosed her DM conversation with JB. According to the captured screenshots, JB had a conversation with her saying, "What are you doing today," "You seem to go to the club often," "What do you usually do," and "I'm serving as a public service worker these days, so I'm not busy."

After revealing the screenshot, when allegations of manipulation arose, she explained, "JB was the first to DM, and out of curiosity, I posted it to my Story where only a few close friends could see it, but someone captured it and spread it." She added, "I don't have any relationship with him, and we are not in contact anymore."

As this became a topic of conversation, fans criticized the agency, and Cadence Records drew a line, stating that JB is no longer their artist.

Previously in 2021, JB was embroiled in controversy due to his personal life. At the time, during a live broadcast on his personal SNS, he sparked controversy when several photos of naked women were spotted on his room's wall.

In response, JB apologized, saying, "They were pictures of one of my favorite artists. I'm sorry for displaying them in a place visible to all ages. I will be more careful in the future to avoid causing any discomfort."

Meanwhile, JB made his debut as an actor in 2012 through the drama 'Dream High 2' and engaged in activities as JJ Project along with Jinyoung. He then made his debut with the group Got7 in January 2014 and has been active ever since.