BLACKPINK's Jisoo recently sat down for a candid emoji interview with Elle magazine.

On July 21, Elle's YouTube channel featured a video titled 'BLACKPINK's Jisoo on the most common phrase she hears: Are you a T...? From Coachella experiences to behind-the-scenes of photoshoots'.

When asked to describe her current life with an emoji, Jisoo said, "These days, I am focusing on resting and eating on my days off. We're in the middle of a tour, so I take a lot of flights, and I try to get a lot of sleep to rest."

She was also asked to describe her fellow members using emojis. "Rosé is always energetic, a party vibe. She's always positive and high-tension when we're having a conversation, like 'Did something good happen today?'", said Jisoo. "Lisa is often on fire when she's on stage. She's like a burning chick," she explained.

"Jennie is like this," said Jisoo, pulling out a laughing emoji. She continued, "She always shows me the short-form content she finds funny. She tries to film herself doing it too. 'Do you know this trend?' 'I filmed this'. And she's always laughing. I feel like she's happy, so this is Jennie."

When asked about an unexpected aspect of herself, Jisoo shared, "I do have tears. But since I don't show them publicly, I've created an image of being made of steel. I hear 'Are you a T (MBTI)?' a lot. But I do have my own tear buttons." The recent moment when she cried? She playfully revealed, "I cry when watching things like 'Animal Farm'."

She also discussed her experiences at Coachella and the world tour. "When we went on a world tour 3-4 years ago, we were like, 'Wow, we really did a lot,' 'We did our best on this stage,' and this time we're taking on a larger scale. I thought we wouldn't be nervous on any stage, but we still are. We often say to each other, 'We're really burning it up.'"

When asked whether she runs out of passport pages, Jisoo said with a smile, "Sometimes I need to get another one because of visas. Because I stack several passports together, it gets really thick. But it feels good. I'm proud."