Amid the recent announcement of SM Entertainment's plan to halt the expansion of NCT with its upcoming sub-unit, fans of WayV, one of the sub-units of the global-scale project, are expressing concerns about the group's future. The worries were triggered by the demolition of Label V's building, the label managing WayV's activities in China, and the group's decreased activities in the country.

Label V, created solely for WayV to manage their activities in China, has been under scrutiny by K-pop fans, particularly NCTzens and WayZenNies, who accuse the company of mismanagement and mistreatment of WayV. The sudden removal of the group's posters from the building's windows and the subsequent demolition of the building have sparked rumors of WayV's possible disbandment.

Adding to the speculation is the group's decreased activities in China. Their last schedule was on July 8 at the Tencent Music Entertainment Awards 2023. Furthermore, their "Phantom" fan meeting tour did not include any mainland China dates, which raised eyebrows among fans.

WayZenNies have taken to social media to express their concerns and speculations about the group's future. Some fans have even called for the group's freedom from SM Entertainment, citing the company's alleged lack of support for the group.

However, amidst the swirling rumors, there is a glimmer of hope for WayZenNies. SM Entertainment has established SM C&C in Beijing, which aims to handle its parent company's Chinese artists, including WayV. This suggests that the dissolution of Label V may not necessarily mean the end for WayV.

It is expected that under the new label, WayV will have more activities and schedules in the second half of 2023, starting with NCT's full comeback in August. WayV is also reportedly preparing for their second full-length album and tours in China.

While the future of WayV remains uncertain, fans are holding onto hope that the group will continue to make music and perform under the new label. As the K-pop world awaits further updates, the support for WayV remains strong among its dedicated fanbase.