Big Hit Music has made a statement regarding the upcoming solo release from BTS member, V.

A Big Hit Music representative told Ilgan Sports on the 20th, "We plan to announce the schedules of our artists, including V, once they are confirmed."

Earlier today, a media outlet reported that V had begun working on his solo album, aiming for a release in the third quarter of this year. It was added that he had been working on the album since last year.

With his unique baritone voice, V brings a range of tonal colors to the group's music. He has garnered fans' support with his deep, resonant vocals rather than high notes.

V has previously stirred fan reactions with his solo tracks such as 'Inner Child', 'Christmas Tree', and 'Singularity'. In particular, 'Singularity' received significant attention, exceeding 260 million streams on Spotify.

This year, vocal line members Jimin and Jungkook have each recorded impressive results in the domestic and international music market with their solo songs. It's drawing attention whether V, following in their footsteps, can continue BTS's influence with his solo comeback.