K-pop singer Yuqi of the hit band (G)I-DLE has recently stirred controversy following her appearance on a Chinese variety program. The comments she made on the show regarding Taiwan's relationship with China have drawn sharp criticism from her Taiwanese followers.

The uproar emerged on July 17th, when an interview clip featuring Yuqi and fellow bandmate Minnie was posted on Zhejiang Satellite TV's official YouTube channel.

During the interview, the host asked the stars to send a message to their "Chinese fans." Yuqi's response included a mention of her future plans:

"This time, I will visit Taiwan, and next, I plan to visit Hong Kong."

Her follow-up statement hinted at a surprise:

"I want to give you guys a little surprise. If you have time, please pay a lot of attention to us."

This raised eyebrows as the singer has previously expressed support for the "One China" principle via her official Weibo account. The "One China" notion is a political stance supporting the reunification of territories such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau under the authority of the People's Republic of China.

Yuqi's Taiwanese supporters expressed disappointment, suggesting her remarks hinted at Taiwan being a part of China. Fans voiced that her comments showed disregard for the sensitive political dynamics between the two regions. Further, it was seen as disrespectful to Shuhua, another (G)I-DLE member, who is of Taiwanese origin.

The controversy comes at a critical moment for (G)I-DLE, who just launched their first English digital track, "I DO," on July 14th. Simultaneously, they've embarked on their second world tour, aiming to bond with their global supporters.

As (G)I-DLE continues to broaden its international presence, Yuqi's comments during the Chinese show have inadvertently triggered controversy and concern among Taiwanese followers. It will be interesting to see how the band and Yuqi navigate this issue and ensure they sustain a positive rapport with their multifaceted fanbase.