The 4th generation of K-pop girl groups are competing for brand ambassadorships with Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Both global beverage brands have selected 4th generation K-pop girl groups New Jins and Ive as their ambassadors, and have released collaborative music tracks.

In addition to using girl groups as advertising models, both companies have also released the CM songs as official songs, and have even launched social media platform challenges. This trend is seen as a way to reduce the negative perception of advertising and generate synergy through brand image enhancement and sales growth.

Pepsi, which partnered with Starship Entertainment, the agency of Ive, released Ive's new song "I Want" on July 13th. "I Want" is a song with a simple melody and unique instruments. The lyrics and music video also reflect Ive's world view and identity, such as "subjectivity" and "confidence". Pepsi's brand identity, "FUN", "FOOD", and "FESTA", were reinterpreted with Ive's confident confidence to convey the message "Let's put off our worries and enjoy every day like a festival."

A dance challenge is also underway. Ive, wearing vivid blue outfits that symbolize Pepsi, performs sharp choreography to the melody of the chorus of "I Want". Ive has previously created a dance challenge craze among teenagers with their songs "Love Dive" and "Kitsch", earning the nickname "Cho-Tong-Ryeong".

This type of collaborative music was first released by Coca-Cola and NewJeans, and it was a success. In April, NewJeans released the CM song "Zero" in collaboration with Coca-Cola's global music platform Coca-Cola Studios. The song is a remake of Coca-Cola's advertising music with New Jins' own color. The familiar melody and lyrics of "Coca-Cola is delicious" in the chorus make the song addictive.

"Zero" has been loved by many people, including being ranked 1st on the domestic music chart for the first time in the history of advertising music. On the 21st of last month, it also unveiled a remix version of "Zero" with American rapper J.I.D. It is rare in the Korean music industry to release a remix version of a CM song that has reached number 1 on the music chart. The music video for "Zero" also has nearly 17 million views as of 10am on July 17th.

The promotion of NewJeans has also led to an increase in Coca-Cola's sales. As Pepsi increased its market share in the "zero sugar (sugar-free)" market, which is becoming a trend, Coca-Cola started aggressive marketing with NewJeans, and the market share of zero sugar products, Coca-Cola Zero, has increased in most convenience stores. It is interpreted that the sales of related products have jumped significantly as the advertising music "Zero" and music video sung by NewJeans became popular among young people.

In addition to Ive and NewJeans, Lotte Chilsung's "Tums" is also raising brand awareness and familiarity by featuring (G)I-dle as models. Lotte Chilsung said, "The unique musicality and the image of (G)I-dle, who pursues newness, match the Tums Zero brand, so we selected them as the advertising model." "The addictive music sung by (G)I-dle well expresses the fizz and freshness of Tums Zero. We are increasing brand awareness with sales of more than 6 million cans per month."

In the past, idol groups mainly appeared as advertising models for brands targeting the 10-20 generation, such as school uniforms and sports brands. However, as the global recognition of K-pop has increased, the phenomenon of being selected as advertising models for famous luxury brands, high-end appliances, and banks has increased even from the debut stage. It is expected that brand marketing using K-pop groups and music will become more active in the future, as in the case of the success of New Jins and Coca-Cola Zero.

An industry official said, "The carbonated beverage market is fiercely competing for the zero market, and the refreshing, refreshing, and lively image of K-pop girl groups is expected to match well with the image of zero beverages." "In particular, through idol groups, we will be able to approach MZ generation in a positive way, and we will also be able to enjoy the benefits of such brand marketing."