BTS member J-Hope is giving fans a special gift with a new version of his first solo album, 'Jack In The Box', which was released last year.

On July 17, Big Hit Music announced via the global fan community platform Weverse that J-Hope's solo album, 'Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)', will be released on August 18.

'Jack In The Box' was J-Hope's first solo album, released to the world on July 15, 2022.

'Jack In The Box' was a collection of J-Hope's unique attempts and challenges, and was particularly praised for its fresh attempt to release the album as a 'Weverse Album', where fans can download and listen to the songs through an application in addition to domestic and international music platforms.

J-Hope prepared a physical album, 'Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)', before his enlistment, so that more fans can enjoy 'Jack In The Box' in various forms. As with 'Jack In The Box', J-Hope participated in the overall composition and planning of the album, infusing his own color.

'Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)' will include the existing tracks from 'Jack In The Box', as well as three live tracks that J-Hope performed at the U.S. music festival Lollapalooza, and two instrumental tracks.

In addition, 'Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)' will feature new concept photos and a variety of components.