The 4-member South Korean boy band, Lucy, hypes up their fans for their upcoming mini-album called 'Panorama.' The all-boy group hinted their comeback by dropping a short video clip with the EP's enticing melody that depicts the group's midsummer feel to the tracks, raising the anticipation level of the fans furthermore.

Moreover, Lucy revealed 'Panorama's' setlist that bottles up six records. As per Hellokpop, the lead single chosen for the forthcoming mini-album is a song called 'Jogging.' But what made the teasers very mysterious is the secret artist that will grace their mini-album, creating a more comprehensive interest angle to the fans as to the mystical artist's identity.

The latter had the boy band unveil the mysterious identity of the secret collaboration, none other than South Korean soloist Suran, also known for her stage names Baily Shoo and Elena. The 34-year-old vocalist will be joining forces with the South Korean quartet for 'Panorama's fourth track on the setlist titled 'Missing Call.'

Also, Lucy took their fans to take a sneak peek to each song of 'Panorama' by releasing a short instrumental video clip. The video showcases a distinct set of records, from stimulating and relaxing tunes.

Furthermore, the South Korean idols tease their fans by revealing photo teasers that included group and individual shots. The concept images were captioned as "MV photos," hinting that the photos are from the filming 'Jogging's' music video.

The first set of images had the group candidly pose for a fresh outdoor look while donning their colorful casual apparel. The next series of photos showcases Lucy's classic and retro attitude that made the fans meltdown to their core.

However, the boy band does not stop there. The next teaser will come out on August 10 and 11 for a video and a medley. On the other hand, 'Panorama' will be made available on August 13.

For starters, band Lucy comprises Choi Sangyeob, Jo Wonsang, Shin Yechan, and Shin Gwangil under Mystic Story. The group debuted earlier this May [KProfiles].