The live performance video of BTS Jin's first solo single, 'The Astronaut,' has garnered 23 million views, highlighting its popularity.

Jin's debut live performance of 'The Astronaut' (with Coldplay) @ Coldplay's Music Of The Spheres Tour in Buenos Aires, as a special guest at Coldplay's world tour concert in Argentina, recently surpassed 23 million views.

As of the afternoon of July 12th, the video, which marked Jin's first live performance during his brief solo activity, has accrued over 23.02 million views. The video showcased Jin's phenomenal live performance skills and his melodic voice, inciting explosive reactions from fans.

Upon release, it climbed to the top 3 of YouTube's global popular music videos for three consecutive days, ranking 4th on 'Korea's Rising Music,' 7th on 'Korea's Popular Videos,' and 3rd on 'UK's Popular Videos,' demonstrating its unparalleled presence.

In April, the American entertainment outlet Allkpop published an article titled 'Locals Expressing Love for Jin's Solo Single 'The Astronaut' on Social Media,' relaying the news. It also praised Jin's phenomenal stage performance at the Argentina Coldplay world tour concert, where 'The Astronaut' had its first live performance. The outlet stated, "From the first day, it hit the locals' hearts. Just a few hours after its release, 70,000 stadium spectators were singing along with Jin. Even those who came solely for Coldplay admired Jin's live vocals and the authenticity of his song." They noted that predicting what Jin would release for his full-fledged global debut might be impossible, but it would undoubtedly be very creative and new, displaying expectations for Jin's solo activities in the future.

The American music specialist outlet Billboard evaluated, "'The Astronaut' perfectly harmonizes Coldplay's distinctive stadium-filling rock sound with Jin's stable and smooth vocals."

It also received significant attention from the overseas music specialist outlet BandWagon. BandWagon recently introduced 'The Astronaut' in an article titled '13 BTS Jin Songs You Must Listen to,' praising his innate emotional appeal and discussing his various solo songs that unravel Jin's diverse musical world.

Jin's stable live vocal performance skills, such that it's commonly said that one must hear his songs live on stage, have him standing out as the 'Vocal King.'

Despite the hiatus due to military service, Jin continues his unchanging global popularity, creating a long-running record on global charts with his first solo single 'The Astronaut' released before enlistment. This has gathered much interest and anticipation for the diverse solo activities Jin will show in the future.