Former AOA participant Kwon Mina has previously confirmed that she has attempted suicide and shared a message about it via Instagram.

Not long ago, she wrote another lengthy response explaining the reason for unfollowing the other band members. "I didn't try to die of suicide, was it around a month ago? This is something I did when I was in reaching with officials of the FNC. Oh, I also got a huge amount of DMs asking why I was unfollowing the members, users berating me, and people are asking me to clear up the confusion. So I'm going to do it now since I don't believe I've done anything to deserve anger and hatred." (via Koreaboo)

Kwon Mina has attempted to explain how she remembers feeling about the "Kim" member, which supporters assumed to be Seolhyun. Kwon Mina started by clarifying that she never once said a bad thing against Kim with Jimin, despite her intentions to be close with her but wasn't able to do so because she's also close with Jimin. She said that all AOA Members knew her struggles, but Kim didn't seem too concerned about her and continued to act as nothing happened.

Kwon Mina also mentioned how she truly felt about her co-members, saying that they were all just a 'bystanders' of the abuse Jimin is doing to her throughout her AOA days.

She eventually incorporated why she is trying to clear up her relationships with other former members. Mina explained, Seo was the only genuine person who did look out for her genuinely when nobody can in front of Jimin. She also hates that Jimin would tell her to accept the apology, which she initially refused to as she lacks sincerity.

Mina believed that her actions are justifiable and correct, as she recalls all the hardships she went through with a 'bystander' members that led her to unfollow all of her co-members. With her intention to forget the bad memories she experienced with them.

As she clarifies the issues surrounding her actions, she asked the people to understand her decision and end all the hate messages they sent her. She concluded her post by saying this is her real opinion and views on this matter.