Last October, QUEENZ EYE, composed of members Won Chae, Hannah, Na Rin, Ah Yoon, and Da Min, made their debut in the K-pop scene with their first single album 'QUEENZ TABLE'. After a break of about 9 months, they are back with their second single, 'UNI-Q', and recently sat down with OSEN to discuss their new release.

QUEENZ EYE has taken a 9-month hiatus since their debut, but the group assured fans that they have diligently prepared for the next album during this period. Damin explained, "We didn't rest at all during those 9 months. We spent every day practicing at the company. We made a lot of efforts to fill each individual's shortcomings for this comeback. We practiced vocals, studied languages, and exercised more to make up for our shortcomings."

Wonchae confessed that the lengthy hiatus made them appreciate their stage presence even more, "We've always cherished the stage, but I felt its preciousness even more during the long wait. We were filled with eagerness to see our fans and make a comeback. We practiced harder, had numerous discussions, and talked about the album, strengthening our teamwork."

The group revealed that they conducted meetings to share diverse ideas throughout the album preparation process. QUEENZ EYE emphasized their boundless ambition for their performances, stating, "We work tirelessly discussing ideas and trying everything out. Our motto is 'Let's try it first.' If it's not good, we say it, and we don't get too hurt by that. This is why better ideas keep coming."

With their comeback just around the corner, the excitement was palpable. Damin expressed, "We have been preparing a lot for the comeback, it feels like a fresh start. We haven't seen our fans for 9 months. When we make a comeback this time, we can see the fans after a long time. I'm so excited I can hardly sit still." Hana, in her first media interview, admitted, "It's still our second activity, so we're not completely used to everything. Everything feels new, exciting, and amazing."

This 'UNI-Q' activity also marks QUEENZ EYE's first comeback. Damin shed light on their shift in performance style, "During our debut, we focused more on choreographed dance styles and performances. We didn't really get to enjoy it a lot. This song, we think, allows us to enjoy the stage together. We gave more importance to enjoying the performance together, in line with the concept."

Ahead of their comeback, member Jena left the team for health reasons, leaving QUEENZ EYE to regroup as a five-member team. In response to this member change, Wonchae said, "I think there's a difference between having many people on stage and having fewer. Since we have fewer people, we've done a lot of research on how we can fill the stage and use it as much as possible."

The album 'UNI-Q' is an audacious narrative of QUEENZ EYE, where being unique and special is their everyday norm. Wonchae explained, "'UNI' means 'to become one', and the 'Q' behind it stands for the 'Q' of QUEENZ EYE and the fandom I-Q. It means the two have become one." She further elaborated on the concept, "The title song is 'UN-NORMAL', a word that means 'not normal, but special'. There's also 'DOMINO', which reminds you of a cool summer night sea."

When asked about the 'specialness' of 'UN-NORMAL', Wonchae revealed, "Actually, our song belongs to the easy-listening Hip Hop R&B genre. In my opinion, the flowing nature of easy-listening is both a strength and a weakness. But we balanced it with a groovy and hard performance. Even though the song is soft, we made it distinctive and characteristic of us with strong outfits and cool expressions."

Hana added, "At our debut, all our members had the same hair color and we didn't make big changes to our styles. This time, three members have dyed their hair. I've also cut my bangs and changed my style. We've made a variety of transformations in our appearance to express the concept of 'UN-NORMAL.'"

QUEENZ EYE, showing remarkable growth and change, is now drawing more attention than ever. Their determination and passion prove that they are ready to overcome the difficulties that come with being in the industry. QUEENZ EYE continues to express their unique story through music, fans are excitedly awaiting their breakthrough moment. In their own words, "We're trying to break the limits like BTS and Seventeen."

Indeed, the title 'UNI-Q' stands for QUEENZ EYE's ambitious challenge. The group is ready to show their unique charm and talent to the world, overcoming any obstacles in their path. Their story is one of perseverance, hard work, and a burning desire to achieve greatness. With the release of their new album, QUEENZ EYE is poised to take the K-pop scene by storm.

Damin of QUEENZ EYE said, "I believe it was energy that granted me the dream of becoming a singer. It might seem insignificant, but it felt so massive to me. QUEENZ EYE wants to share this energy with the public and become an artist that communicates through it."

QUEENZ EYE, who debuted on October 24th last year, is now entering its 9th month since debut. With the one-year mark rapidly approaching, they've only just taken the first step on their long journey ahead. When asked about her aspirations moving forward, Wonchae replied, "Whenever I make a wish, I ask for 'strength, courage, and wisdom.' I tend to dig deep when I'm not satisfied, and I hope to continue working hard and diligently without succumbing to these concerns. I'd like to keep going for a long time, comforting myself with an adequate amount of self-satisfaction, without burning out."

Damin expressed, "In my opinion, my values consist of dreams, goals, and sincerity. No matter how many years or decades pass, I'd like QUEENZ EYE to remain as sincere as rookies." Hana added, "I hope we can always maintain our physical and mental health. We've all been working hard for happiness, but there are moments when we feel anxious. I hope we can enjoy even those moments and continue our activities for a long time without injury, always with a happy heart."

Ah Yoon continued, "Let's not lose sight of our original intention. We started because we love music and we love each other. Even when it's hard, I hope we can gather strength thinking of each other." Narin stated, "My motto is, 'True effort never betrays.' Like my motto, I hope we can be successful by working hard healthily and persistently without giving up."

They also discussed their dreams for the future. Ayoon expressed, "I hope we can all go on a world tour together," while Narin said, "If I were to dream big, I'd love to perform on the Coachella stage someday." Hana revealed, "I dream of holding a solo concert in a major domestic stadium," and Wonchae added, "I'd love to share a stage with the seniors that I, or we, have always admired, either in song or dance. I look up to BTS and Seventeen, and personally, Kwon Jin-ah. I'd be happy to sing with SOLE."

Hannah further disclosed, "In the past, we did a 100-question Q&A amongst ourselves, and one question was, 'What will we be doing in 10 years?' At that time, Damin wrote, '10th anniversary debut concert.' We'd like QUEENZ EYE to become a group that continues to receive love and can hold anniversary concerts every year."

Lastly, Won Chae stated, "It would be a lie if I said there weren't any hard times during our long journey. There were moments of anxiety and difficulty. I believe our fans also experienced the same. We're so grateful that you kept cheering for us during those times and apologize for making you wait for our comeback. We promise to repay your patience with good songs and performances, so please don't leave us."

Ah Yoon added, "I'd like to express my gratitude to our fans, I-Q, who have waited for us without expecting anything in return despite the long hiatus. We've been practicing hard and exercising diligently to increase our stamina, so we promise to repay you with a great performance." Hana emphasized, "Thank you so much for waiting, and since the anticipation has grown, we've been working hard to meet it. We hope you'll appreciate our efforts and we'll do our best to avoid any disappointments."

Da Min continued, "I graduated during the hiatus. One of our fans personally came to celebrate my graduation. It made me feel 'this is true love.' That solidified my determination that I can't let myself get tired because I trust I-Q. We honed and polished ourselves while preparing for this album. We hope you look forward to it greatly."

In the end, the journey of QUEENZ EYE may have just begun, but their enthusiasm, love for music, and bond with each other indicate a promising future. As they continue to work hard and strive for their dreams, the group hopes to repay their fans' unwavering support with unforgettable performances and music that resonates. Their journey towards becoming the group that "continues to receive love and can hold anniversary concerts every year" has indeed started on an impressive note.