Soojin, who departed the group (G)I-DLE amidst school bullying allegations, recently hinted at her current situation by launching a personal social media account last month and posting a photo of herself. In the shared image, Soojin is seen in casual attire, looking slender and lean, a noticeable change from her days with (G)I-DLE.

Soojin previously faced humiliation due to school bullying accusations, including a revelation from a netizen identified as 'A' and involvement with the actress Seo Shin-ae. Although Soojin denied the allegations, the controversy escalated when Seo Shin-ae affirmed that she had indeed been bullied by Soojin.

As the truth remained elusive, Soojin's agency announced her suspension as the controversy continued to grow, eventually revealing her departure from the team. This led to ongoing unrest among fans, with many speculated to be international fans of (G)I-DLE leaving malicious comments directed at Seo Shin-ae.

The activities of (G)I-DLE, which were precarious due to Soojin's controversy, revived last year with hit songs such as their title track 'Tomboy,' 'Nude,' and 'Queendom.' The leader Soyeon expressed her feelings about the situation, saying that she thought the "drama" would be difficult to succeed with one of the "main characters" suddenly missing. She had thought it might be hard for the group to do well again.

The Thai-born member Minnie also spoke about the challenging time, describing it as the most difficult period since their debut. She shared her insecurities, wondering if she would ever be able to return to Korea. She described feeling incredibly anxious, lonely, and struggled during this period, adding that all she could do was work hard on the schedules she had.

Although it was reported last May that Soojin signed an exclusive contract with Big Planet Made and would resume activities, this turned out to be unfounded. Now, with the establishment of her social media account, speculation is growing that this might signal a return to her career.